Reliable and Portable TDS/ Conductivity meter

Prerna Enterprises is one of the best and recognized industries known as reputed TDS or conductivity meter manufacturers and suppliers in UAE. Our TDS meters are widely appreciated by customers for their quality features and specifications. These microcontroller based meters are available at reasonable prices.

Technical specifications:

Input Voltage 230 VAC
Brand Brio Instruments
Frequency 50HZ
Display LED with 3 digit
Accuracy +/- 1%
Resolution 0.1 μS/cm to 0.1 ppm
Type Digital
Type 2-wire
Application Laboratory, industrial

TDS (total dissolved solids) Meter is used to measure conductivity of solution/water which contains dissolved solids or contents of substances. Thus, it is also known as conductivity meter. Such solids can be minerals (calcium, potassium, nitrates), salts, pesticides and metals. TDS/conductivity meter is commonly used for measurement of the dissolved solids in water in ppm i.e. parts per million.

TDS meters are generally used in agricultural field, swimming pools, petrochemical, refineries, pharmaceutical, or textile for measurement purpose.

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