Magnetic Flow Meter

We are leading manufacture for Electromagnetic flow meter in process control instrumentation; Maintenance free, low cost, highly stable, reliable & ideal flow meter suitable for wide ranges of pressure & temperature. The measurement being based on ‘Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction’ is independent of viscosity, density, pressure and temperature of the flowing media & measurement is a true volumetric. Current output of 4 – 20 mA DC is provided which is directly proportional to the instantaneous volumetric flow rate.

Advantages of Meter:

A magnetic flow meter provides an unobstructed flow path, with negligible pressure drop due to its pipe The typical accuracy for a magnetic flow meter is + 0.5 % of full scale. This is among the best of the various pipe flow meters.
The effect of fluid viscosity on flow through a magnetic flow meter is essentially the same as for flow through the pipe itself.
The magnetic flow meter can be used for pipe flow measurement of either clean or dirty liquids, including wastewater, corrosive liquids, or slurries.

Magnetic Flow Meter
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